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Phototastic Collage Maker
Phototastic —a Thumbmunkeys product— is a popular collage-maker app loved and used by millions of people around the world.
Phototastic Collage Maker app available on Android and Windows, an in-house product of Thumbmunkeys
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TfL Pay to drive in London app
Transport for London
The TfL Pay to Drive in London app helps commuters pay for congestion and ULEZ/LEZ charges.
GPS tracking web and app platform custom-built for Humberside Police
Visibeat – Humberside Police
A GPS tracking web and app platform custom-built for Humberside Police with geofencing, hotspots, alerts, analytics and more.
White-label, web and app taxi solution built by Thumbmunkeys
White labelled — a complete, taxi-hailing solution to launch or scale a taxi company.
Ag-drive, an agritech mobile and web app platform built by Thumbmunkeys
A web and app platform for farmers and agricultural contractors to smoothly track and manage farm jobs.
New website and branding for PHDrift, a popular drifting academy
New brand identity and an engaging website to attract, educate and enrol drifting enthusiasts.
Award-winning What’s that bumblebee app built for Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
What’s that bumblebee app lets users explore the UK’s eight most common bumblebee species with Augmented Reality (AR).
Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Fish Pass revamped by Thumbmunkeys
Fish Pass
We revamped the Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Fish Pass app used to explore fishing beats and get access using tokens.
FeedAlert app by Collinson
FeedAlert app by Collinson allows users to monitor their silos’ capacity, weight and feed usage.
Tred app to track carbon footprint built by Thumbmunkeys
Tred app lets users track their carbon footprint, reduce it and offset it with verified projects that remove carbon emissions.
Datahug app
An intelligent forecasting and pipeline management app built for Datahug (now part of SAP’s solution for sales automation).
QwOT and QwOT Read mobile apps
Enabling fast, paperless and safe information transfer between customers and businesses through QR codes.
DappRadar, a popular app to discover, track & trade everything DeFi, NFT and Gaming
DappRadar enables users to discover crypto tokens, NFTs, blockchain games, dapps and track their portfolio.
Cab management mobile app
A bespoke rental cab management mobile app built for Fourways Vehicle Solutions to manage hirings.
iDrillsafe tablet app
Replacing excel sheet and paper calculations of drill pipe data with an intuitive tablet app.
Survey management tablet app and admin dashboard built for the real estate firm Savills
A survey management tablet app and admin dashboard to boost the productivity of surveyors.
Synergist mobile app
We worked with Synergist to convert its agency and project management software into a mobile app.
Abingdon Health app for automating the detection of medical test results
Abingdon Health
A mobile app solution, designed and developed for automating the detection of medical test results.
iOS and Android mobile apps built for Wakefield District Housing
Native iOS and Android apps built from scratch to help Wakefield District Housing streamline interactions with tenants.
See more case studies of our past mobile and web projects. We have created several bespoke products for a variety of businesses.