An intelligent forecasting and pipeline management app, now part of SAP's sales automation solution.
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Datahug mobile app

Project summary

A smart solution for sales forecasting

Datahug, now a part of SAP’s sales cloud solution portfolio, was looking for an app development company to design and develop their mobile app from scratch. We helped them build iOS and Android apps that integrate into the required CRM systems.

The app helps the sales team get latest relationship intelligence on clients, contacts and companies by analysing past sales activities from email, calendar and CRM.

Datahug also provides the sales team with quarterly and monthly forecasts to increase sales velocity and reduce pipeline risks.

Datahug app for sales forecasting and relationship management
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Datahug is a sales acceleration platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify and prioritise sales leads, predict future sales and optimise sales team performance.

Key features and highlights

An all-in-one sales optimisation solution

Datahug is built for both iOS and Android devices to help sales teams increase productivity and automate administrative burdens.
Track of all the latest activity at connected accounts

The app provides a news feed for team members for lead and organisation management. Users can group contacts with companies as per the relationship requirements and manage meetings, agendas and follow-ups in one place.

News feed for lead and organisation management in Datahug app
Contact and colleague profiles with call and email

The app has a built-in activity status tracker with 'last seen' and 'online' indicators shown for saved connections. Users can also schedule meetings with connections and set reminders to track processes and increase productivity.

Social media-like interactions and profiles on Datahug app
In-app activity tracking and access to company network

Users can simply search for a required contact or company and the app analyses existing digital trails on email, CRM, calendar, etc., to determine connections between people, providing users with the latest relationship insights and intelligence on the go.

Easy relationship intelligence and management on Datahug app
Accurate and intelligent sales forecasting

The platform analyses historical sales data and market factors to predict and create quarterly and monthly sales forecasts with 95% accuracy, helping the sales team take informed decisions for sales processes and reduce risks.

Sales forecasting on Datahug


Core technology and features implemented

A comprehensive solution that combines various features and integrations to help sales teams get relationship insights and sales forecasts.

  • News feed

  • Social profiles

  • Contact management

  • Sales forecasting

  • Calls and messaging

  • CRM and email integration

Client review

They have a positive attitude and a team of talented developers who can find solutions to complex problems. Thumbmunkeys is talented and ambitious, striving to exceed project goals and expectations. The team is flexible and willing to work on change requests without charging extra. They produce high-value applications that our customers will enjoy using. We've had a positive experience with them.

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Increasing sales efficiency and predictability

Datahug’s intelligent forecasting and pipeline management capabilities are now a part of SAP’s solution for sales automation, enabling customers to unlock sales prospecting, pipelining and forecasting insights with connected data. Sales teams using the platform are more informed and better prepared for client engagements.

The solution helps sales teams increase efficiency, improve predictability and drive revenue. Leading companies like Lyft, Optimizely, etc. use Datahug for better forecasting with 95% accuracy and increasing win rates.

Datahug is helping increase sales efficiency