Visibeat - Humberside Police

A GPS tracking platform custom-built for Humberside Police with geofencing, hotspots, and alerts.
Visibeat mobile and web app solution

Product summary

Boosting efficiency, visibility and compliance

Visibeat is a white-labelled location tracking and management platform for businesses and government bodies. It is used for tracking the live location of team members, creating hotspots (geofences) and tracking the activities within hotspots.

Admin and managers can use the web dashboard to manage operations, track team members in real-time, check location-based analytics and add questionnaires.

Humberside Police were looking to develop a digital solution to track the location of police officers. We implemented Visibeat for them and helped them to make the department more accountable.

GPS-based team tracking on Visibeat dashboard
Humberside Police Department
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Police department uses the Visibeat web dashboard and mobile app to track patrolling activities in different hotspots in Northern Lincolnshire, Hull and the East Riding.

Key features and highlights

A comprehensive management platform

The platform brings together a bunch of features like location tracking and analytics, hotspot creation and management, user roles, activity tracking, etc.

Easy and efficient team creation and management

It’s easy to create teams and add or remove officers using a bulk-import feature based on Active Directory. Different user roles (Admin, Supervisor, User or Manager) can be assigned to the officers to manage access and permissions.

Team management using Visibeat
Officer details, location tracking and analytics

Details of each officer can be easily accessed. Further, location trails for specific time periods can be seen in a timeline or map view. Location analytics give trends like average distance covered, etc.

Location tracking and analytics on Visibeat
Hotspot creation and management

The Humberside Police can easily create new geofences, i.e. hotspots by dragging and dropping pins on the map. Geofences can be assigned to teams and police officers and all activities inside a hotspot can be tracked.

Hotspot creation and management on Visibeat
Notifications for enhanced communication

Notifications and messages can be created and pushed to the dashboards of all officers or the selected ones. Real-time communication enables admin and officers to always be in sync with one another.

Messages and notifications on Visibeat platform


Core technology and features implemented

Visibeat combines various technologies and features to function as a cohesive location-tracking and management platform.

SignalR integration
Active Directory accounts setup
Rest API
GPS location tracking
Team creation and management
Officer detail configuration
Notifications and alerts
Location tracking analytics
Smart activity detection
Geofencing (hotspots)
Intelligent location filtering
Patrol reporting

Client review

Thumbmunkeys Ltd’s work meets all client expectations.

The app is user-friendly and functional. The development team is diligent, communicative, and on top of the ball. They’ve met every single deadline and performed with professional tact. Thumbmunkeys Ltd is a capable vendor that delivers.

Police Department

Digital Innovation Manager


Efficient location tracking leading to safer streets

Visibeat web and app platform has helped Humberside Police Department add more transparency to their patrolling activities with real-time location and geofencing data. The Digital Innovation Manager says it has made their department more accountable as they now have exact patrolling data for each street.

The comprehensive platform has increased efficiency, transparency and productivity for the department. Supervisors can see where officers and staff are when on duty in real time, thereby also improving officer safety.

Visibeat mobile and web app platform used by the Humberside Police Department