Replacing excel sheet and paper calculations of drill pipe data with an intuitive tablet app.
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iDrillsafe tablet app built by Thumbmunkeys

Project summary

An intuitive app for digitally recording drill pipe data

A drilling company wanted to digitise the process of creating and managing drill pipe data with a tablet app. We built an intuitive app incorporating all the processes and integrations along with old excel sheet records.

The app helps employees conveniently add new drill pipe data, apply required calculations and check if values are within set limits.

The app brings accuracy and enhanced productivity to drilling calculations and makes data readily available for the teams. The tablet app helps log complex calculations with ease and is saving time and effort for the team.

Drill pipe data management on iDrillsafe
Operations team using the iDrillsafe tablet app
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iDrillsafe app increases safety and efficiency in drilling operations by allowing operators and managers to enter drill pipe data digitally and access the logs on the go.

Key features and highlights

Enabling paperless calculations on the go

We digitised and automated data management and calculation processes for iDrillsafe with a feature-rich mobile app solution.
Data and project management with drill sheets

Team members can easily log the data for different drilling points and check if the values are within the set limits. The app has a user-friendly interface to help the operations team adapt and operate with ease.

Drill pipe data sheets in the iDrillsafe app
Adding drill data to be used in sheets

Team members can easily configure drill pipe data, covering all the specifications like drill and stand measurements, capacity, start and end points, etc., which is then directly logged while creating drill sheets.

Drill sheet creation on iDrillsafe
Configuring a drill sheet with predefined data limits

While creating a new drill sheet, team members can configure the tolerance values. The parameters that exceed the set limit are indicated in red. This helps the team timely record and manage drill pipe data with high accuracy.

Precise calculations on iDrillsafe


Core technology and features implemented

iDrillsafe tablet app, custom-built for the drilling company, consists of a group of integrations and features to simplify complex drill pipe data configurations and management.

  • Drill sheet management

  • Custom indicator

  • Offline mode

iDrillsafe tablet app features
  • Custom forms

  • Custom drill data calculator

  • Analytics, crash & error reporting

Client review

I tested the platform, and it worked like a charm — everything was functioning fantastically and all the integrations were strategically placed into the system. My colleagues were delighted to have a faster and more accurate tool that could streamline our operations.

Thumbmunkeys Ltd is an expert team that can deliver your needs by bringing productive ideas to the table — just make it a point to listen to what they have to say.

Craig Foster

Assistant Driller


Simplifying data entry and calculations at drilling sites

The solution successfully replaces the time-taking, manual drill pipe data management work, traditionally used during drilling operations. The stakeholders and their operations team are delighted to have a faster and more accurate tool for streamlining drill pipe data management and digitising the operations.

The app is constantly increasing productivity and time efficiency for our client’s drill operations. All the integrations were properly executed, as a result, the team is using a glitch-free product right from day one.

Simplified data entry and calculations using iDrillsafe app