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Phototastic is a popular collage-maker app loved and used by millions of people around the world.
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Phototastic Collage Maker - Android and web app
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Product summary

Create beautiful photo collages in seconds

Phototastic is our in-house product which was first launched in 2010. It quickly became the go-to app for users on Windows to make personalised, themed collages. Subsequently, we launched Phototastic on Android in 2019 and it’s now a top-ranking collage-maker app in all the countries.

Phototastic combines many photo editing features and thousands of professionally-designed assets like collage templates, backgrounds, frames, stickers, etc. allowing users to showcase their creativity and capture their memories in a unique and personalised way.

Phototastic is the go-to app for making collages
Web application of Phototastic on Windows

Key features and highlights

Why users love using Phototastic

Phototastic makes it super easy for users to make collages as they can simply use thousands of designer templates, add their pictures and content to create memorable collages; and share them with family and friends.
More than 100 layouts to choose from

There are more than 100 layouts to choose from and users can upload up to 25 photos in a collage.

This gives our customers a lot of options to fit in their photos and create professional-looking collages.

Collage layouts in the Phototastic app
More than 1200 premium collage designs

There are thousands of collage designs covering various themes and occasions like Christmas, Easter, etc.

We keep adding fresh designs and new collage packs so that users can easily create collages on topical themes.

Beautiful, premium collage design templates in Phototastic
More than 2700 stickers, fonts, backgrounds and frames

A huge variety of stickers, fonts, backgrounds and frames help users portray true expressions in their collages. The designer assets are categorised into diverse themes, occasions and styles.

Stickers and fonts in Phototastic Collage Maker
Advanced image editing features for fine-tuning photos

Phototastic packs in a bunch of features like freestyle scissor tool, shape cutout, shadow effect, light editing, etc.

Users can easily modify the size, colour and spacing of text, background, frame and stickers according to their preference.

Image editing and filter Using the Phototastic app
Celebrating festivals and special moments with Phototastic

Users love using the Phototastic app to make unique collages and share them to wish family, and friends on festivals and special occasions.

They also print the collages and use them for house decorations or for sending invites.

Decorations and greetings made using Phototastic

Collage flow

Beautiful collages in 4 quick steps

Thousands of people use the Phototastic app as they can quickly create fantastic collages using photos from their gallery or the built-in camera functionality.

Windows application

A complete station for the creatives

With the right balance of pre-designed elements and personalization options, users can unleash their creativity and make compelling designs.

User reviews

Go-to collage maker app, trusted by millions of people across the globe

Best app for making Aesthetic collages I just love this app and it's Soo easy to use💚
Aliya Khan


Loved by people for making collages since 2010

Phototastic is a top-rated collage app on Windows and Android with millions of gross downloads. Ever since its launch, Phototastic has become a global product, enjoyed and loved by people in 177 countries. Our team keeps the app optimised and updated with regular testing, new design assets and features.

Phototastic is actively used by people of different ages, regions and cultures. It adds to the happiness and celebrations of people as they create special collages with their special pictures.

Phototastic Collage Maker app available on both Google Play and Microsoft Store