Fish Pass

We revamped the Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Fish Pass app used to explore fishing beats using tokens.
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Fish pass application

Project summary

Simplifying exploration and purchase of fishing beats

The Fish Pass app is offered by Westcountry Rivers Trust and is based upon the successful Westcountry Angling Passport (WAP) scheme. It's used to browse the beats and purchase tokens in advance for fishing in surroundings across Devon and Cornwall.

Fishing enthusiasts can scan a code at the river to convert their tokens into a day ticket. They can also scan valid paper tokens and add them to their account.

The MVP version of the app needed a revamp. We worked with the team to improve the UI/UX of the app, develop new features and make the code and overall app experience intuitive.

Fish Pass application - simplifying fishing in surroundings across Devon and Cornwall
Fish Pass app by Westcountry Rivers Trust
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The app is managed by Westcountry Rivers Trust that aims to preserve, protect and improve Westcountry rivers, streams, brooks, estuaries and wetlands.

Key features and highlights

Digitising fishing access to rivers and lakes

The app helps users plan their fishing trips, easily get access to them through purchase of tokens and share their catch photos with other anglers.
Updated home screen with recent catch feed

Users can find everything at a glance on the home screen. They also see the recent catch shares from other anglers and see the details of the catches.

Updated home screen and recent catch share feature on Fish Pass app
Intuitive beats exploration with revamped interfaces

Fishing enthusiasts can explore the wide range of fishing beats with details like location, directions, season dates, restrictions, facilities, etc. They can also search for beats by entering the fish species.

Exploration of beats on Fish Pass app
Complete mapping of all the beats

Users can browse all the fishing beats in a map view and for each beat they can see the tokens that'll be required to get access. They can also see detailed mapping of parking and the exact banks they can fish from.

Mapping of beats on Fish Pass app
In-app token purchase and ticket scanner

Fish Pass replaces the old Angling Passport tokens with a user-friendly digital system for purchasing and managing fishing tokens. The app uses the smartphone's camera to help anglers scan codes at beats and convert their tokens into a day ticket.

Ticker scanner and token purchase on Fish Pass app


Core technology and features implemented

Fish Pass has various features like booking system, beats feed, payment, CMS for uploading catch pictures and search.

  • QR code scanning

  • Payment

  • Booking system

Features in the Fish Pass app
  • Interactive map

  • CMS and feed

  • Search

Client review

While the app is still new to the market space, transactions are now running faster than before and have yielded no errors. By offering their partner access to their project management system, all parties were kept in the loop on the competition of tasks. They cultivated a transparent relationship.

Bruno Vincent

Angling Development Officer


Faster and more intuitive experience for the users

The new app is available for Cornish beats. The revamped UI/UX makes it easier for the anglers to browse the beats and buy tokens. Updated catch returns section has made the experience of adding and sharing catch photos more engaging. Anglers love the new experience and the simplicity it has added to their fishing activities.

The app has become the fastest and simplest way to buy and pay tokens for fishing on the 12 Cornish beats. Fishing enthusiasts love the new stylish and friendly interface for exploring beats and making payments.

Making fishing experience easy for anglers with Fish Pass app