Native iOS and Android apps to digitise tenancy management for Wakefield District Housing.
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WDH Pro mobile app built by Thumbmunkeys

Project summary

Tenancy management made digital and effortless

We helped Wakefield and District Housing Ltd (WDH), one of the UK's largest social housing providers, build native Android and iOS mobile apps from scratch to help their tenants manage their property, rent, repairs and issues all in one place.

Users can simply log into their account and update personal details, find a property, pay liable rent, save rent statements and documents; and call for repairs if needed.

We also developed the WDH Pro app that helps in referring WDH tenants to Care Link and requesting mental health and well-being support to improve quality of life.

Happy tenants managing tenancy using WDH & WDH Pro mobile apps
The team of Wakefield and District Housing Ltd.
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WDH is a housing service provider in West Yorkshire, managing over 31,000 properties by providing services like home allocation, tenancy advice, repairs and more.

Key features and highlights

Comprehensive tenancy management in an app

WDH and WDH Pro apps make it easy for tenants to know everything about tenancy in one place like rent management, repairs and more.
All tenancy management features in one place

The app replaces the manual paperwork management and digitises all the processes related to tenancy. Users can make rent payments, raise repair requests, upload their documents securely and check all useful links.

Tenancy management dashboard of WDH mobile app
Easy rent payment and management

Tenants can securely pay rent with credit or debit cards or they can schedule payments using Direct Debit. They can easily generate and manage invoices and rent statements that are automatically saved in the app after each payment.

Rent payment and management on WDH app
WDH Pro for 24-hour Care Link support

WDH Pro app is used to refer clients to the Care Link service. WDH can thereby ensure that 24-hour support is accessible at the touch of a button. Mental health and well-being support, adaptation to client's homes, etc. can be requested.

WDH Pro app for Care Link support


Core technology and features implemented

We combined a set of features and integrations to build a tenancy management solution that reduces paperwork and fastens payment and repair processes for residents.

  • News feed

  • Events

  • Direct Debit

Features on WDH & WDH Pro
  • Rent payment management

  • Issue reporting

  • CRM and email integration

Client review

They’ve made the transition from the website to the app seamless for our tenants. We’re pleased with their work, and they deliver everything we ask for. They’re timely and, compared to other firms, significantly less expensive. They foster a personal relationship and are incredibly responsive to requests. They’re flexible and willing to adjust their work according to our needs.

Systems Development Manager



Happy tenants at Wakefield and District Housing Ltd.

The solution is helping thousands of tenants transition from the website to the app seamlessly for all their tenancy management needs. Tenants of WDH now pay liable rent, look up rent statements, view general information, log repairs, report issues and follow news about the community using an easy-to-use mobile app.

The iOS and Android apps have successfully eliminated the use of paperwork and manual processes that were time consuming for the tenants, by making them independent in handling their tenancy, rent and repairs.

WDH & WDH Pro apps, helping tenants for all tenancy management needs