FeedAlert app by Collinson allows users to monitor their silos' capacity, weight and feed usage.
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Project summary

Feed management app for smart monitoring

Collinson has been a trusted manufacturer of agricultural storage silos for more than 50 years. They were looking to develop a silo monitoring system app for iOS and Android for FeedAlert, their IoT-based feed management system.

Without a monitoring app, farmers, who use the silos for animal feed, could only determine how much feed remains in their silos by manually looking at the levels through the windows.

We designed and developed the FeedAlert app that allows farmers to remotely monitor their feed 24/7 remotely, get timely alerts, forecasts, calibrate the device and share data.

Silo usage tracking with the FeedAlert app
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Collinson has been a manufacturer of agricultural feeding solutions for over 50 years. With FeedAlert, they are revolutionising feed monitoring.

Key features and highlights

IoT-based feed tracking and management system

The FeedAlert app allows farmers to easily connect silos, see live feed levels and silo summary, set alerts and export silo data.
24/7 feed monitoring to view silo activity and data

Users of the FeedAlert app can track the live feed levels of multiple silos. For each silo, they can see remaining feed, capacity, feed type, last filled date, usage analytics, etc., for last 7-days along with the silo location.

Silo monitoring on FeedAlert by Collinson
Notifications and alerts for various feed levels

It’s easy to set alerts for various feed levels like 30% of capacity, 10% of capacity, empty, refilled and overfill. Users can choose to get alerts via push notifications or email, and track feed levels on the go.

Notifications and alerts on FeedAlert by Collinson
History and forecasts for better feed management

Farmers can easily check daily usage analytics for past 30 days and forecasts for upcoming days. As a result, they can place their orders and replenish feeds in time and avoid delays and wastage.

Usage history and forecasts in the FeedAlert app by Collinson


Core technology and features implemented

The FeedAlert app is part of the IoT-based feed management system enabling digital feed monitoring and management for the farmers.

  • Feed monitoring via IoT

  • Forecasting

  • Feed usage history

Features of FeedAlert mobile app built for Collinson
  • User management

  • NFC-based silo scanning

  • Push notifications

Client review

I'm really impressed with how enjoyable they've made the whole experience for us despite the challenges we encountered. I'm also impressed with their ability to understand what we were trying to accomplish and how much they contributed to our efforts. They didn't just do what we asked of them — they were proactive in providing recommendations, and that has resulted in a better product overall.

Sally Hayton

Marketing Manager


FeedAlert is revolutionising feed monitoring forever

FeedAlert from Collinson has enabled existing and new customers to manage, predict and optimise feed management remotely using their smartphones. The app has led to timely and efficient feed re-ordering and delivery planning for the farmers; as a result, they get no more feed outages.

The FeedAlert app has successfully introduced the business into the digital world of IoT, opening a new revenue stream and giving opportunities to grow the business along with it.

Remote feed monitoring and forecasting using FeedAlert by Collinson