Transport for London

The TfL Pay to Drive in London app helps commuters pay for congestion and ULEZ/LEZ charges.
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The TfL Pay to Drive in London app

Project summary

An intuitive pay to drive app for commuters in London

Transport for London (TfL) manages all of London’s public transportation. They had an old app that needed to be revamped. The app allows people to pay congestion and ULEZ/LEZ charges.

Thumbmunkeys built a new app for iOS and Android, worked on UI/UX and development, redesigning the app from the user’s perspective.

We also implemented business requirements for the backend. We continue to provide support and maintain the app since launch. The app helps commuters pay charges on the go or in advance using the Auto Pay feature.

TfL Pay to Drive app used for paying congestion, ultra low emission zone and low emission zone charges in London


Project implementation of the TfL app in a nutshell

We started working on the TfL app in 2015 and soon launched the first version with renewed design. Subsequently, we have worked on three major updates along with continuous support and maintenance.
  • 2016 Take over project ownership
  • 2018 Redesign of Android & iOS apps
  • 2019 Implementation of ULEZ
  • 2021 Introduction of ULEZ expansion
  • 2023 Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Ongoing support

Helping improve air quality in London
transport for london logo Transport for London

Hundreds of thousands of commuters in London use the TfL Pay to Drive app daily to check and auto-pay congestion charges, ULEZ and LEZ charges, and penalties.

Payment flow

Easy user flow for payments of charges

Our design team came up with an optimised flow of payment from the user’s perspective, thereby simplifying the navigation and the layout at the UX level.

App design

Intuitive and elaborate UI and UX

We designed the TfL app after carefully studying the requirements and needs of commuters to give them a straightforward experience to pay charges.

TfL Pay to Drive app design
  • Details presented in a lucid manner
    Each screen is designed to contain the right amount of information in a balanced structure and hierarchy.
  • Easy-to-use interface
    The focus while designing the app was to provide ease to the users so that they can easily manage their payments for multiple vehicles.
  • Clear buttons for navigation
    The interfaces have clear buttons and overall navigation enabling users to have a stress-free experience.


Key features, integrations and tech used

The app involved implementation of location-based functionalities, payment integrations and other backend integrations.

  • Rest API and OAuth

  • Application insights analytics

  • Location-based zone checker

  • Credit card payment

Technology and features in TfL Pay to Drive app
  • Google Maps

  • Place autocomplete service

  • Payment management

  • Direct Debit payment


Delivering a robust app by overcoming the challenges and fulfilling custom needs

Multiple payment options Users are able to make payments from their cards via auto-debit and Direct Debit.
App scalability We followed a user-centric approach to design the app navigation and screens, making the app scalable and optimised right at the architecture level.
Custom visual and brand design A custom visual and brand design was created that gels with the brand identity of TfL.
Continuous development and support Our team worked on the app over the years for modifying features like adding ULEZ charges and also provided reliable support and maintenance.
Design and development challenges in building TfL Pay to Drive app

Client review

The team is professional and proactive, hitting all of our established milestones. They work closely with our end client to ensure a successful project. They have an in-depth knowledge of design and market standards, informing how the app should work.

If I were to hire them again, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Do what you can to get them on your project.

Raj Arora

Senior project manager, Support Solutions Company


Hassle-free driving experience for daily commuters

Phasing out the old version, the new app was a success among the users as it enabled them to manage their driving charges with more ease and intuitiveness. We have launched major updates to the TfL Pay to Drive in London app since 2015 and continue to support and maintain the app.

The app is helping reduce road traffic emissions and improve London’s air quality. The new app is easier to use, saving time for commuters and making it more convenient for them to drive in these zones.

The TfL Pay to Drive app for effortless driving charge payments in London