We worked with Synergist to convert its agency and project management software into a mobile app.
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Synergist mobile app

Project summary

Simplifying remote project tracking and management

Synergist is a software company that provides an all-in-one agency and project management software. We helped them build iOS and Android apps for efficient tracking and management of jobs, contacts, projects, billable hours, expenses and more.

Team members can use the app to update and track tasks and timesheets using graphs; and manage organisations, contacts, clients and expenses with attachable receipt photos.

The app helps users effectively manage and track projects on the go, leading to enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Enabling remote project management
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Synergist is a project management software provider for creative and marketing teams, with features like resource scheduling, workflow management and financial tracking.

Key features and highlights

An all-in-one business management solution

Synergist app provides greater control and visibility by allowing customers of the company to manage and track jobs, projects, clients and expenses through smartphones.
Daily and weekly timesheets and trends

Team members can log the service hours from different locations and teams can track the timesheets for their clients, projects and tasks in a weekly or daily view along with a graphical summary.

Timesheets on Synergist app
Activity tracking and job cost estimation

The app enables admins to add jobs, get cost estimates and track job status, activities and costs incurred in real-time using custom lists and a drill-down view of activity details. Hence, admins can take informed decisions by tracking overruns.

Activity tracking and job costing on Synergist app
Built-in expense management system

Team members can easily add expenses on the go for a particular client, job and phase. They can take photos of the receipts, upload them and smoothly manage the paper receipt work using expense sheets.

Expense management on Synergist app
Easy remote working with detailed tracking

The app provides all the essential features for remote working. Users can track project progress, daily priorities and other important information about financials like % billed. As a result, teams can clearly set priorities with their colleagues.

Job tracking on the synergist app


Core technology and features implemented

Synergist mobile app enables complete tracking and management from maintaining clients lists, contacts and projects to jobs, activities, costs and expenses.

  • Timesheets

  • Analytics

  • Expense management

Features in the Synergist app
  • Job management

  • CRM integration

  • Reporting

Client review

Thumbmunkeys is much more professional both in terms of their approach and attitude compared to other vendors I've worked with. There aren't any communications barriers; everything is pretty straightforward. Overall, they're doing a great job.

Keith White



Enabling project management on the go

Thousands of people within creative, design, marketing, digital, advertising, PR and professional service agencies rely on the Synergist app every day to manage projects, track time, inform decisions, oversee clients and ultimately accelerate their agency. The app is helping agencies save time and increase profitability.

The app continues to perform well and its overall engagement and usage increase regularly. It has enabled remote working with all the project information accessible anywhere, anytime.

Increasing workforce productivity with Synergist