Aftercare and support

Give your users a seamless experience with proactive aftercare and support

App support and maintenance service by Thumbmunkeys

Support services

We provide reliable, long-term support and maintenance

We offer post-deployment support to our clients both in the short and long term. Whether it’s fixing bugs or developing a new feature, our team has got you covered. We have provided solid application support and maintenance for more than 8 years to our clients.
Post-deployment app and server support
Post-deployment support
We provide complimentary post-deployment support as a part of the service-level agreement. Further, we offer chargeable support services covering the activities stated below.
  • Bug fixes
  • System monitoring
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Server support
Support services based on T&M support
​​T&M support
Our experienced team members can work on your project on a T&M (Time and Materials) contract for longer durations to develop new features or modify existing ones.
  • Team augmentation
  • New feature development
  • Bug fixes
  • System monitoring
  • Server support

Case study

Some of the projects we have been reliably supporting for several years now

Transport For London
We continue to provide support to the TfL Pay to Drive in London app and help their team quickly identify and fix bugs.
Support for TfL Pay to drive in London app
We’ve gone through various testing phases, and it always meets our requirements. The team is professional and proactive, hitting all of our established milestones. As of now, they support and maintain the new app. They have an in-depth knowledge of design and market standards, informing how the app should work. They’re flexible to last minute changes while still delivering on time.
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Raj Arora,   Senior Project Manager
We built the Savills app for surveyors from scratch, developed newer versions and continue to provide support.
Support for Savills survey management app
We’ve recently relayed some change requests to their team concerning the current version of our app, and they’ve quickly accommodated these by addressing the issues right away. Thumbmunkeys ltd continues to support our development pipeline by managing our app updates. We’re currently working on the app’s third version, which we’ll launch within a month.
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Jaspal Singh Khokar,   Director, Stonewood and Partners LTD
We worked with Synergist to convert their agency and consultant project management into a mobile app and we continue to support and maintain the app.
Support for Synergist app
The app Thumbmunkeys developed continues to perform very well, as overall engagement and usage regularly increase. We've been working with them since October 2015, and the work is ongoing. Thumbmunkeys is much more professional both in terms of their approach and attitude compared to other vendors I've worked with. There aren't any communications barriers; everything is pretty straightforward.
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Keith White,   CEO

Frequently asked questions

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What is the cost of app aftercare and support services?

We offer post-deployment support as a part of the overall project that covers system monitoring, analytics and general app and cloud support.

Post that, we offer aftercare and support services as a chargeable service that depends on the duration and project type. Please reach out to us to know the cost estimates of your project.

What are the benefits of aftercare and support?

Our expert team works with our clients post-deployment to ensure the applications work seamlessly. We keep track of the analytics, app security, fix bugs if any, and release updates quickly with fixes and improvements. This will help you deliver a flawless experience to your users.

How can I track the progress of support activities?

We share complete reports of all security and quality assurance audits and all the support activities that we perform. Our support team constantly updates on all the planning, tasks to be done, progress and results. We also help clients set up and maintain access and permissions to the various platforms and tools.

Do you also provide staff augmentation?

Yes, you can augment your team with our experts for longer durations based on a T&M contract. Feel free to reach out to us to know more.