Aftercare and support

Give your users a seamless experience with proactive aftercare and support.

Get continuous assistance and expertise in scaling and adapting your product to changing environments.
We’ll be your growth partners post the launch of your platform to help you deliver a consistent experience to the users.
Be assured of continuous monitoring, testing, debugging and fixes. Extensive analytics leads to the discovery of how users are interacting, which features are working out the best and how the platform can be further enhanced. Focus again remains on delivering a user-friendly experience.
Aftercare and Support

Our aftercare services

Our comprehensive range of aftercare and support services are drivers of rapid customer acquisition and overall growth.

App monitoring
App monitoring

The performance of your mobile and web app is closely monitored so that your users can enjoy an uninterrupted and swift experience.

  • Performance monitoring
  • App crash monitoring
  • App store user-review monitoring
Manual testing
Manual testing

Thorough testing process leads to detection of bugs and errors to prevent poor experience.

  • Mobile app performance optimization
  • Operational level support
Product enhancement
Product enhancement

We acquire trends and insights from platform analytics and recommend a set of additions and improvements to further enhance the product and business.

  • Usability enhancement
  • Performance enhancement
  • Feature extension
Product enhancement
Automated testing

Time-consuming tests are automated to identify the problems faster.

  • UI testing
  • Integration testing
  • Stress testing
Advantages of aftercare and support
Drive product growth faster with data-informed business decisions.
Deliver a flawless experience
Continuous monitoring, testing and diagnosis help to detect and fix bugs.
Data-driven actions
Actionable analytics drive user-focussed product enhancements and fixes.
Optimise UI-UX
Upgrade or optimize the interfaces and interactions to keep your customers delighted and hooked.
Accelerate scalability
Data-informed decisions pave the way for scaling the product and maximising market share.
Win instead of surviving
Improve the product with reliable aftercare and maximise product success in the market.
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Why our clients trust us

Certified security and quality assurance


We’re ISO27001 certified, the leading international standard on information security. The certification ensures we produce secure code and safeguard your data. We continually monitor and improve our technical and legal controls to ensure the protection of information.


We’re also ISO9001 certified, the international standard for a quality management system and continuous improvement. We get recertified every year by an independent organisation ensuring adherence to quality standards.

GDPR Compliant

We’re committed to safeguarding individual privacy rights in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).