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Cross-platform app development saving you time and money.

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Xamarin certified
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Xamarin certified
Top Mobile developers
Premier Xamarin partner
Our talented, UK team of seasoned designers and Xamarin experts are ready and waiting to take complete care of all your cross-platform app development needs.
With all the necessary skills in-house, we will look after absolutely everything, from stunning mobile interface designs to effective app prototyping and even back-end cloud development work.
At Thumbmunkeys we have the technical capabilities and the manpower to perfectly conceptualise, realise and smoothly deploy your new mobile app across the Windows, iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.

Why you will love Xamarin
cross-platform app development

Xamarin cross-platform app development allows developers to code once and rapidly deploy to all 3 major mobile platforms.

Xamarin is now
a part of Microsoft

Xamarin has been heavily supported by Microsoft since the beginning and just recently Microsoft made the decision to acquire and integrate with Xamarin, showing their complete faith and full commitment to Xamarin as the Microsoft choice for cross-platform mobile app development.

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Xamarin vs other
Cross-platform frameworks

So how does Xamarin stack up against other popular cross-platform app development frameworks such as Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium and Phonegap?
Microsoft’s commitment to Xamarin supports our belief that Xamarin is the premier solution for cross-platform app developers for all of the following reasons:-

High performance
Cross-platform apps can suffer from poor performance due to slow programming languages or bulky frameworks. Xamarin is the notable exception among them - its performance is comparable and in some cases faster than native code.
100% native API access
With Xamarin, Apps have access to the complete range of functionality that is exposed by the underlying native platform and device. Xamarin apps also benefited from platform-specific hardware acceleration, which is a huge benefit over other hybrid platforms.
Great UX
Your users will not be able to tell that your app was developed with Xamarin - the exact same user interface elements are used then for native apps.
Code reuse
This is where Xamarin shows it's real strength - it is possible to achieve 100% shareable code across all major platforms with the Xamarin forms framework.
Strong industry backing
Xamarin has become one of the strongest cross-platforms frameworks out there and with the recent backing of Microsoft it will only become stronger.
Large range of devices
Xamarin is not just for phones and tablets, it also works with wearable devices like WatchKit and Android wear.
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