Research and discovery

We delve into your ideas, users, business, vision and goals to create a well-informed strategy.

It all starts with defining the right solution for you by diving deep into your product idea, exploring the product value and profiling the audience.

In the research and discovery phase, our goal is to create a structure and strategy that become the guiding principles for the next stages.
Let’s give a shape to your idea together. Let’s discuss what you have in mind to position your product in the market. We’ll develop a product definition around your vision that includes features, technical architecture, UI-UX research and more.
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How discovery helps
An hour of planning can save weeks of work later. Our team of designers, developers and marketers create a bespoke strategy based on which a feasible, useful and scalable product can be built.
Maximizing business scope
Our philosophy is to create a product that you can take to as many users as possible within your value proposition and target market.
Minimalizing risks
Analysis of the product value, competition and the potential fit in the market helps us to define a viable product that can mitigate risks.
Validating ideas
Instead of assuming your business idea will surely work, we analyze its true potential backed by market research and strategic analysis.
Developing a product vision
Our experienced team will help you to exactly define the problems your product will solve, for whom and most importantly the how part.
Understanding your users
A detailed demographic, behavioural and psychological analysis of the target audience helps us to define and develop a useful product.
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Who is involved

We promote full-scale communication so that we can work as a single unit towards creating a winning product.

We encourage all stakeholders including the top management and members from different teams to express their vision and expectations for the product. Research and discovery is where nods are given and decisions are taken that decide the next course of action.
Right from the start of the process, we take a user-focused approach. We develop user personas by observing their demographics, interests, behaviour and psychology. We then sketch ideas, strategies and designs keeping in mind the needs of the users.
Our squad of UI-UX researchers, designers, product experts, developers and marketers collaborate to understand your business, goals and product vision. We then lay down a blueprint for a successful product.


Our Team


Our multidisciplinary team
We’re a team of committed professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, united by a focus to create quality products.
Dedicated Design Team
Dedicated Design Team
What to expect from discovery
An elaborate research and discovery process brings clarity and practicality for the next phases.
Detailed user stories
Well-defined users’ needs and wants from the product.
Clickable prototype
A functional, clickable prototype for all inter-related pages.
Detailed scope document
Scope of work is clearly defined to guide the work towards meeting the end goal.
Cost and price estimate
We calculate the cost and price estimated based on accumulated research and insight.
Technical architecture
Application architecture is defined that consists of technologies and models for development.